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Brent Kerr came to education from a business background and in his time in the classroom what has become clear to him is that he has a passion to help kids develop financial literacy and an entrepreneurial spirit. To that end Brent has spent the last year partnering with Kevin Honeycutt and Ginger Lewman at ESSDACK to develop and test a signature program in his classroom in Ness City Schools.

Over the last school year his students have developed a number of amazing products as well as business plans, social media campaigns and smart collaborative relationships with customers. Mr. Kerr has watched his student blossom as new business people and has witnessed the creation of the first tiny house ever built in Ness City. When his students sell their creation this summer they will realize enough profit to fund the next exciting ventures the class will take on.

In short, in a time of financial uncertainty and woe is me thinking Brent Kerr continues to be a creative builder, working shoulder to shoulder with the lucky kids in his classes.

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To learn more about Brent or to hire him to come and advise you and your people give him a call at 785-798-0417. He’d love to help you create a vision and excitement around entrepreneurial thinking where you live!