Whether shoulder to shoulder with one teacher in the trenches or working with teams of teachers trying to transform their instruction Brent has a unique and honest take on the best ways to move forward. He’ll share ideas and strategies and help teachers get connected to a larger community of global teachers working to improve their practice as well as student outcomes.


Some of Brent’s areas of focus:


Growing an entrepreneur program in your school: (One day to one week onsite)

In this work Brent gets embedded in your school with your teachers and works to help them reach their goals of growing sustainable programs that encourage and produce young entrepreneurs.


Bring your teaching into today’s light: (One day to one week onsite)

In this work Brent gets deeply immersed alongside your teams and works together to help them transform their daily practice and expectations/goals into goals geared toward preparing kids for their futures.


Building a Fablab/Makerspace: (One Day to one week onsite)

In this work Brent listens to what your district’s vision for a fablab or makerspace and helps design the space. From an expansive Fablab with steel, plastic, and wood fabrication, to a small makerspace for younger students. With years of experience in production Brent can help design space that fits your school and community’s needs.