Brent’s half day and day long workshops are designed to empower teachers to strengthen their hands and fully develop their tool boxes. He share lots of free tools, sites and resources to allow educators to hand the best of today’s assets to their learners.


Brent’s Toolbox: (Half or full day)

In these days full of sharing and discovery Brent shares tips and stories to add confidence to even the most reluctant technology embracers. Teachers will leave with new ideas and resources they can use the very next day.


Entrepreneurs In The Classroom: (Half or full day)

In these amazing days of sharing Brent hands teachers the blueprint of his years of developing curriculum that helps kids become entrepreneurs with financial literacy and a work ethic. This hard one knowledge can be taken back to their classrooms and put to good use the next day!


Making your CTE Visible and Viable (Half or full day)

In these days with technical training becoming more valued Brent will work hand in hand with teachers to make their students work relevant and more visible to the community. As well as discuss important partnerships within the community.